Monday, October 02, 2006

The Stash Called Me

So, today I received a long overdue call from the Stash. The Stash says it misses my wikki wik ways and finger wigglings and I in turn told the Stash I missed its fuzzy touch and how I used to find food in it for lunch. Soon after the Stash and I got off the phone I received a call from El-P's Foot. Now although I don't miss the Foot at all I thought it would be polite to tell the Foot I missed it too. The conversation went like this-

F- sup with you?
D- same old same...
F- I miss you Dibbs.
D- I miss you too?
F- No you don't, you hate me, I read about it in your fucking blog! Its all about the Stash and how sweet ass awesome it is. What does the Stash have that I don't you son of a bitch???
D- Huh?
F- You heard me fuck paste WHAT DOES THE STASH HAVE THAT I DON'T?
D- For starters the Stash never yells at me like you do, the Stash is kind and gentle and your an overbearing foot on my neck.
F- That's right smashed ass hairs and believe me I'm gonna be right back on your neck before you can say "poo poo dibble doo"
D- What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

This is where the conversation ends, because Foot, being the self centered arrogant asshole it is, hung up on me. I later received a text message from the Foot warning me that it will be seeing me soon. I don't know what this means, but I'm a little shook up about the whole ordeal.

As a warning to the Foot (as I know it reads my blog) if I so much as sense one shoelace of your evil ass in Cincinnati I'm gonna make a call and your going to end up hanging from a power line.